Session Overview

Here’s our first ever session! In fact, this was a test community session just to see how things would go 😃. I was always interested in starting a user group focussed on system management, and this was an evaluation session for me to see if my team and I could put on an event that provided value.

This session features myself (Justin Chalfant) and Cody Mathis. We cover different areas and gotchas that can occur when setting up Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) in Configurations Manager.

Topics Covered:

  • CMG server authentication certificate
  • CMG trusted root certificate to clients
  • Server authentication certificate issued by public provider
  • Server authentication certificate issued from enterprise PKI
  • Client authentication certificate
  • Client trusted root certificate to CMG
  • CRL checking
  • Q&A

Video Playback

The video can be played below or directly on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

I’m super excited to be starting this virtual group focused on system management. After this test session the attendee feedback was awesome to see and the reason we decided to launch this group.

We maxed out the Microsoft Teams attendee limit of 250 attendees.

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