We Are A Group of Passionate Enthusiast

Justin ChalfantWelcome! My name is Justin Chalfant, and I’ve been working in the System Management field for about ten years. I was a Sr. Premier Engineer at Microsoft for about five years, and I’m the founder of Patch My PC.

I’m attempting to start this group as of June 2020, my goal is to help provide valuable content for the system management community, primarily focusing on Microsoft Configuration Manager and Intune.

By starting this group as virtual, I believe we can scale and have a broad impact, and also more easily get top presenters within our space.Ā 

Why Our Group Exist

Why VSMUG Exist

We are a group of people in the system management space that share information with each other to help make everyone’s lives easier šŸ˜Š!


  • Help people learn new things
  • Build a community
  • Provide valuable content with great speakersĀ 

Number of Members

Number of Events


Have a Future Session in Mind?

Please contact us if you have a session in mind that would help our group! Recommended topics:

  • ConfigMgr Topics
  • Intune Topics
  • Other System Management Topics